The H&M x Balmain Collaboration

Two days later and it’s still a huge topic and on all of our timelines.

Whether you were one who stood in line for hours, stayed up all night or set your alarm to log in and order online right at 05:00 hours or one of those who could care less about the release on 11.05.15 – you could not escape the great collaboration that took place and literally drove folks crazy to get a piece.


When the announcement came out nearly 6 months ago, I thought, ooh! This would be great – another H&M collaboration exclusive with a high-end brand/designer. Even as the days led up to the release, I found myself contemplating on whether I really wanted to get my hands on a piece of it. Wednesday night, I was still debating with my alarm set to 05:00 hours just in case it was a go.

Once the alarm went off, I couldn’t see myself climbing out of bed for an “exclusive” that wouldn’t be so “exclusive”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the collaboration. Like every other blogger and fashionista, I too, thought it should be in my closet. I already had the pieces I wanted saved in my phone. LOL! But something told me to fall back when my feet hit the floor that morning. Oh, I know what that something was – It was Instagram gone crazy with memes and videos of the chaos that took place as soon as H&M opened their doors. Truthfully, I hate shopping when it’s crowded. I very seldom shop on weekends to avoid crowds and tend to love my Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon shopping sprees.

The hautest items of the collection, stood front and center of the store’s showcase, letting everyone know, it’s here!

So, what are my thoughts? I’m glad I dodged a bullet. And for someone who hordes shopping bags, such as myself (cough! cough!) I let this one pass. The garment bags were nice, too… But looking at the below picture, folks went overboard on picking up a few items. Or, maybe not. Hopefully, they were someone who had plans on reselling at a greater price which would be the only reason to go that HAM at H&M… But, if you stand in a 200+ line for however many hours it was, I guess you should get your money or time worth.

Although, I love an exclusive, I could never see myself spending $500 on anything at H&M when I can pretty much get the real deal just for a tad bit more. Whatever floats your boat, floats your boat. My opinion – it’s still a little overboard for H&M clothing. Almost like the Alexander Wang collection, see anyone wearing it now?

Fast forward to Saturday – as I’m scrolling through Instagram, all I see are the same pics over and over, again.

Same dress, same shoes, same blazers, coats, and all appear to be wearing them the exact same way. Fashion hit stores and people forgot about “style”. Indeed, there were some nice pieces – I will admit that, but at the end of the day, it’s just H&M.

I know, we’re in the days of the Kardashians. So, if you must look like a Kardashian then look like a Kardashian and wear it proudly. But you’ll probably look like everyone else this weekend with their #HMBALMAINATION “exclusive”!

Let’s take a look at what everyone bought…

Sequin-embroidered dress $199


Beaded Velvet Jacket $549

Jacquard-weave Silk Dress $199

Leather and Faux Fur Jacket $149

Silk-blend Velvet Dress $149

Velvet Tuxedo Jacket $199

Sandal Boots $199

T-shirt $34.99

Wool Jacket with Satin Lapels $129

Not all bad, right?

Those were my favorites from the line and apparently, everyone else’s…

Some of the prices appeared to be reasonable except for the Beaded Velvet Jacket. I mean, c’mon – we’re talking H&M! But everything else was pretty reasonable and would have been my go-to. Of course, there were lots more from the collaboration such as bags, accessories, more apparel and so forth but it was all sold out in the matter of no time – which means everyone bought the exact same thing. There goes my “exclusive” items I wanted in my closet. But hey! It’s not what you wear – it’s how you wear it. I’m sure, they’ll be more H&M “exclusives” that you’ll be able to get your hands on, if need be. Folks are already reselling their items at a far more price than retail. However,  you can’t really expect retail prices when it’s all sold out. *shrugs*

Honestly, I’m totally the girl who would have bought a T-shirt with the Wool and Satin Lapels Jacket or that haute Velvet Tuxedo Blazer and called it a day!

H&M / Balmain


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