The Interview: Babi Ahluwalia of Sachin & Babi Noir

Sachin & Babi

It was just a few weeks ago when I met with the fabulous designer Babi Ahluwalia of Sachin & Babi during her Personal Appearance and Luncheon at Neiman Marcus – Houston Galleria, for a quick interview. All things chic and luxurious when speaking of the brand. Whether you’re looking for dresses, separates, day to evening, modern with a twist, impeccable embroidery or textiles – this brand’s for you!

A contemporary label that breathes life into your everyday wear!

The husband and wife duo that changed the game when it comes to elegant style in your everyday wardrobe. Their love for embroidery, textiles, colors, and luxurious fabrics has caught the eye of major fashion houses since 1996, leading them to the brand we know today, as Sachin & Babi. We’re definitely not talking new kids on the block, here. From Oscar De la Renta, Valentino and many more, with their authentic Indian threadwork, many have flocked to them for their one of a kind contemporary, modern look with a twist. And it doesn’t just stop at fashion,  the two are also adorned for their great hand work of arts in high-end embroidery home accessories -Anaska, another luxurious treat from the designers.

Let’s talk fashion with Babi!

The interview…

GB: So, tell me about the new collection…

Babi: Myself and Sachin, we love texture, we love color, we like classic shapes, you see. We like a modern twist on a occasion one. And that’s really a goal strength. Modern occasion from day to evening. Pretty much what you’re looking at. Why do we do it? Today’s gal, urban girl, life is so different in terms of what it was, in terms of high design. The silhouettes are more relevant – in terms of the trend. A girl likes to have fun with fashion and it needs to take her places. For me, my girls are so important. I do my job best when she feels comfortable and I’m her best friend – in terms of her wardrobe. I love design, I like art, I like textile things, I love making things with my hands – age old texture, age old techniques, more that I learned today on technical fabric. Working on a modern shape that’s a little shorter for days – my mantra.

GB: Did you start off with fashion? Or did you start off with art? Taking that love for art and turning it into fashion.

Babi: We’ve been in the design business for about 18 to 19 years, now. We didn’t have a brand of our own because – we, in our own careers of fine textiles and to very high design, worked with designer companies, such as De la Renta, Valentino, in the past, not with the new team. When we built this out, our initial view point of collaborating with designers, were – what can we give them in terms of servicing their needs for unique texture. We had artisanal embroidery, where we could manufacture it for them, so they came to us. It was really a collaborative team. When we grew up in this business, I wanted to to have my own point of view because I really wasn’t anyone else’s customer but my own. And, I didn’t see it in the market place, where you want an occasion, day to evening, appliques. I didn’t see it, for what I wanted to put out there. So, therefore, my label was started about 5 years ago. It’s a division of our company building that.

GB: The gowns you design, they all have this feeling of, well for me, gives me a feeling of the older days, where women should go back to, when they’re all dressing in these beautiful flared gowns.

Babi: A little dress up but they’re also chic and modern. You can play if off differently with your accessories – because the right shoe can make it look a little casual. That’s why sneakers, today, with their style, are done differently. Or a pump done differently. I think today’s fashion is really with the media and everything done out there. It’s such a different place. You know – the urbanization of fashion, as you call it. Its the gals who come from the music world, or the art world, or people who love fashion. Different slices of life look at us and interpret it in their own way. Which is fascinating to me because that’s how clothes are meant to be worn. You do it your own way. You feel good in it and spin it your way. That’s what excites me!

GB: Sticking to what you’re known for – do you ever feel like, each season, okay, I totally need to revamp and reinvent myself?

Babi: Sure! The urge for new – that just keeps my juices flowing. If I were to do the same old thing, then it wouldn’t excite me, it wouldn’t excite you, it wouldn’t excite my customers. Yes, that is the bane of our existence in this creative business. Whether you’re a designer or any artist, there’s always that urge for something new and fresh. It’s a business of emotion. With that comes the urge to create something with a new perspective – very important, tiring, takes time, sometimes a feud in your head. Newness is key. Don’t you think?

GB: Absolutely! I’m in the process of reinventing myself now. Sometimes, I’m like, I want to stick to what I’m known for but at the same time, you have to revamp your brand.

Babi: For sure! I know Babi, right? I’m not going to follow anyone else’s path, because, I think, I know what I’m doing, but I have to show it in a new way for you, for the next season to come. I have to do that to do a decent job.

GB: And you do it well! I’m sure that once you actually see the designs come to life and women are in absolute love with it, that must be the ultimate feeling?

Babi: That’s my best compliment! I love the celebrities, its really earnest relationships and true relationships that they like it. But it’s also the everyday woman, too! For me to see someone who has spent their earnest dollars and embrace my clothes and wear them, that’s my best compliment ever. Because that means a job well done.

GB: I totally agree! The designs are impeccably beautiful!

And would you know it, Babi begins to interview me about what I enjoy to do in the blogging world. It was almost like her saying, “forget about me, what about you? Lets talk Goldan. Now that you know about me, I want to know about you”. Oh, how I love her! The designs, her genuine personality that shines bright, the girl chat, the experience I had just sitting with her was EVERYTHING!

You’ll definitely see me wearing her designs!

I love this design! When I look at it, I see dinner parties, charity events, day to evening, pretty much any day of the week.

The high-low’s are here to stay!

Beautiful separates you can wear just about anywhere. I’m definitely thinking brunch with the ladies!

This screams Gala or Ball! Special occasions! Luxurious dinner parties! Awards and everything fabulous!

Separates that will take you anywhere you like to go!

Its all about the texture, embroideries, the fabric, the shape – I can go on forever!

Black is always the new black!

Especially when we’re talking Babi & Sachin designs! There’s levels to their textures and textiles…

Both can be worn either day or evening for any occasion!

A little lace with your fringe benefits.

Date night, anyone?!!!

Knock’em dead!!!!

We’re stepping out for an evening with our girlfriends!

This is fashion!

This is what it’s all about!

The excitement, the thrills of something haute, chic, and fabulous – in your everyday wardrobe.

One of the best parts, it’s all reasonably priced for a woman on the go!

Of course, we have a quick selfie moment, but without the selfie stick. HA! It’s more like, here – can you snap a pic for us on my iPhone. LOL!

Want more? Ready to wear?

Take your style to new heights!

Neiman Marcus
Sachin & Babi


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