Faux Leather Pleats x Blue Loafers

My Banana Republic Steals

There’s no way you can pass up the best Banana Republic deals!

First up, pleated faux leather ankle pants. I fell in love with these hauties the moment I saw them! Chic, classic style that can be worn just about anywhere and jazzed up anyway you like them.

From the office to happy hour with your girlfriends or simply throw on a Tee and roll out to lunch for some burgers – in my case, blogging at Neiman Marcus, then being dragged off to Fogo de Chao for a meat eating contest between one of my girlfriends and myself LOL!

Back to the deals!

The pants were originally priced at $118 – but I caught them on the clearance rack during BR’s 40% off the entire store giveaway. So, I put’em in the bag for less than $50.00. The perfect fit!

Paired with my Max Mara Blazer and Melanin On Fleek Tee…

Then, there was the royal blue Louisa Graphic “XO” Loafers!

I’m a sucker for fabulous-chic loafers. There are plenty of times where I don’t want to wear heels, I just want a haute pair of flats that can still make me look a like a stiletto in a room full of flats. The love “XO” loafers are exactly that! They also come in a vermillion (like red) color, too. Depending on your style of things, buy both pair – rock one blue with the “X” and the vermillion (red) with the “O”, if you got it like that. HA!

The fact that I can wear them as an office shoe, a weekend shoe with my denims or an anytime shoe for whatever my days may be – makes these Loafers winners in my book…

And I didn’t miss the sale with these, either. Originally priced at $118.00, I caught them in the clearance section with a sticker of $89.99 on them. However, when I reached the counter – they were 40% off the sales tag!


Once again, it’s impossible to pass on the hautest deals at Banana Republic! Always a win – win! Even now, yes, right at this moment – they’re having their “In the ST. Nick of Time Sale” where selected items are 50%, plus 40% off your entire purchase!!!!

Let’s be honest, I’m a product of Northern California, born-raised, so I can get a little overly excited when it comes to the BR brand – Naahhhhh – they are who they are – got to love them!!!!

Banana Republic


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