Canipelli Firenze

We’re entering the world of Florence, Italy, through handcrafted luxurious goods that can surely last a lifetime and generations to come.

I recently met the founder, Susan Canipelli, at a trunk show in Houston Texas benefiting Project Beautiful Me. As I arrived at the Bunker Hill Village home, I had no idea that behind closed doors would be an introduction to the finest handbags, cashmere furs and leather goods made by the best artisans of Florence – given us a fresh look at the rebirth of a Renaissance era.

Introducing Canipelli Firenze

Every woman loves an exclusive piece of art that she can prance around with – turning heads in all directions as she strolls by with all eyes on her. And that’s exactly what we have here…

Mary – Jo Crocodile

All things elegant and the ultimate sophistication with a classic spin – making this brand a timeless collection of handbags for any occasion. The craftsmanship is impeccable, flawless, immaculate, perfect – I can literally go on and on all day, however, this is a blog so we’ll keep it short and cute. What I really love about the brand is the fact that they give you options to fit your own personal style – you see the bag you like, but maybe you want it in an Ostrich skin or Crocodile, or a different color? No problem! Canipelli-Firenze has you covered – just make an appointment and you can have it your way.

Pom Poms anyone? They have those as well – what color scheme would you like?

Baronessa Ostrich

Baronessa Crocodile

Baronessa Bag

Alexandra Bag Crocodile

LaDonna Bag Crocodile

Leather inserts to make life much easier for the woman who swaps handbags frequently. I love the idea of an insert to keep the inner parts of your bag nicely clean and hassle-free when switching from one bag to another.

“Offered in Lavender, Rose, Pot Pourri, Orange and Pomegranate, these wax tablets are 100% organic, handmade with beeswax from the fertile fields and bee farms of Santa Maria Novella. A lovely addition to drawers, closets, and small rooms, these unique wax tablets also make a wonderfully fragrant stocking stuffer…just don’t place them too close to the fireplace.”

An aroma that’s so fresh and pure, its like bump your favorite fragrance can I just wear this?! Better yet, I’ll just walk around with it in my pocket or bag. Don’t worry… HA!

KiKa Bag

All furs, capes and scarves are perfected on 100% silk modal, over a two year period to prevent any pilling – as described on their website. Extremely soft and gorgeous, I could barely keep my hands from running down the luxurious fabric (I was totally drooling over this. I mean, not with saliva but with an obvious display of excitement LOL!)

A taste of Florence luxury at your finger tips. Need I say more?

For more products and information, visit the below link:
Canipelli Firenze

All photos displayed on The Goldan Report were taken at the Trunk Show.

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