Dirty Martini

 My life doesn’t have a definitive work week, but it does have a Friday!!! 

Friday night means a few drinks – a lady does have to quench her thirst and let her hair down. A table of repeatedly hushed laughter with the girls – with drinks (of course) and your favorite people around you. Almost everything is funny and a bit of flirting – just a pinch. 

So for last Friday decompression session with my crew I made sure my look addressed all my needs for the night: old school charm reminiscent of a Dirty Martini in a swank bar – my hat, fun – my faux fur, and flirtatious – with my Victoria Secret bustier and bare midsection. 

With the weekend approaching, let’s make it sizzling haute!

 Outfit Details:

Skirt ~ N / Nicholas

Neiman Marcus

Faux Fur Coat ~ Philanthropy

Neiman Marcus

Clutch ~ Banana Republic

Banana Republic

Heels & Hat ~ Aldo Shoes

Aldo Shoes


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