The Long Shirt

I’m suppose to tell stories. Be more creative with my writing. Show some personality in my post. Talk about where I’m going, what I’m doing and why I wore what I wore. But honestly, I just want to talk about why I love this long shirt so much. Yeah, I’ll throw some of this and that in between – my day out on the town – how I dined at one of my usual restaurants with the man behind the camera for spaghetti and red wine. Joined another friend of mine later that evening to fulfill our craving for Jamaican food. And of course, more drinks!

Now back to my long shirt…

One of my favorite items. Whether I’m hanging out with friends, attending events or chilling with myself – I can’t wear it enough. Sexy – but not too serious (although, I look as if I mean business. LOL!). Sheer – but also playful. Not too revealing. Just the right amount of flirtiness to show off when I step out.

And the best part of my day – no spaghetti sauce splattered on my shirt.


Outfit Details:

Long shirt ~ Zara

Pants ~ Banana Republic

Heels ~ Louboutin


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