On The Block

Hanging out in my favorite part of town.

Endless graffiti walls, Boutiques, Vintage shops, Thrift stores, Antiques, Food trucks, Cafe’s, Wine’n Dine eateries – all hipster and artsy just the way I like it. The best part – it’s pretty much all on the same block. Fashion definitely has no rules around these parts. Whether grunge or chic, we all mix and mingle in style. I tend to have an eclectic look when I’m out and about, just cooling. 

The day was perfect for a little shopping and collaboration with Ruben of RF Lifestyles. Short shorts, booties, long button up shirt and a few statement pieces for the Goldan life (LOL!). Totally outside the box! Because, honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever been comfortable wearing short shorts. It could be the whole thing of showing off too much leg or maybe the feeling that my tomboy legs weren’t sexy enough ***shrugs*** but thank goodness for long shirts and shirt dresses…

I’ve been delivert!!!!

 Photo Credits: Emile C. Browne media

Outfit Details:

RF Lifestyles Boutique

Houston Montrose area…


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