The Weekend: Boho Chic

Feeling the Boho... Lately, I've really been digging a lot of vintage-type looks more than I ever have before. In the past (and present), it's always the jeans I fall for, you know, the high-waist with a flared leg, wide-leg, bell bottoms and so forth - all of which seem to fit my Coca~Cola shape like … Continue reading The Weekend: Boho Chic


Let’s Do Brunch!

When my girlfriends call and say, "meet us for brunch"... That doesn't mean throw on my favorite pair of jeans with a tee and sneakers. What they're really saying, "come out and play in your Sunday's best"... Oh how I love being in the company of ladies that brunch! The different styles of dresses, skirts, … Continue reading Let’s Do Brunch!

The Style of a Coffee Break

Everyone needs a good coffee break... A time to unwind during a busy work day with a fresh cup of coffee is my idea of paradise - where I'm able to have a little peace and serenity from the everyday craziness that comes my way. Just one sip, the first sip, relaxes my soul and … Continue reading The Style of a Coffee Break

The Green Jumpsuit

After months of obsessing over Tracee Ellis Ross' in her Escada lime green jumpsuit - you know the one she wore on Late Night with Seth Meyers? I finally found my match! I've never been a huge fan of jumpsuits, for myself. Sure, they look great on others, stunning in fact but I think there has always … Continue reading The Green Jumpsuit

The Uniform

My off days are usually filled with cupcakes, vegetables, wine and sleeping on my couch. A lot of times - I just don't want to adult. I'll stroll around my miniature loft in booty shorts or sweat pants with an oversized t-shirt while listening to some good ole neo-soul music. Then, there's those days when life is … Continue reading The Uniform

The Casual Date Look

It was just an ordinary weekday being out on the town for a simple lunch date. I tend to be reserved (as my friends would say) when it comes to dating. A slight workaholic, if you would. At least that's the excuse I like to use (half ass smirk).  Any who, this year, I figured … Continue reading The Casual Date Look