The Casual Date Look

It was just an ordinary weekday being out on the town for a simple lunch date. I tend to be reserved (as my friends would say) when it comes to dating. A slight workaholic, if you would. At least that’s the excuse I like to use (half ass smirk). 

Any who, this year, I figured why not let my hair down and try this dating thingamajig. I’m no expert, but I think first dates are always awkward – in my opinion. Where do we go? What should we do? Should I make it an afternoon or evening thing? What do I wear? All those questions are running through my mind. Finally, I decide to keep it casually chic for an afternoon at one of my usual wine bars – don’t worry they have great food, too. 

Basic cottons on the menu. 

My white crew neck tee with a front tie-knot at the waist – tube midi skirt – big earrings – heels and a little fringe with benefits (not trying to send any mixed signals, though). As a friendly gesture, I thought, maybe I’ll pick him up one of my fav cupcakes from Crave – but it would really be for myself. LOL! – or maybe not…






Photo Credits: Emile C. Browne Media

Outfit Details:

Tee; Skirt; Heels ~ Zara Basics 

Fringe Bag ~ BCBG

Big Earrings ~ ATX Boutique


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