The Uniform

My off days are usually filled with cupcakes, vegetables, wine and sleeping on my couch. A lot of times – I just don’t want to adult. I’ll stroll around my miniature loft in booty shorts or sweat pants with an oversized t-shirt while listening to some good ole neo-soul music. Then, there’s those days when life is actually happening outside of my dungeon and I’m casually chic in denim.

Nowadays, we can barely buy jeans that aren’t ripped. It’s almost like an epidemic that has taken over for the past several years making them a must-have. Remember growing up and your holely jeans were strictly for playing outside only? Now, they’re your favorites. Truth be told, I love the distressed look with heels so much that I’ve made it my everyday uniform. I can pretty much jazz them up however I’d like. Whether I’m going out for a morning cappuccino, lunch, running errands, attending trunk shows, late night dinner with myself or just shooting the shit with my friends – distressed denim is what it is. 

So for this look, I’ll be making my neighborhood cafe my office for the day.


 Photo Credits: Emile C. Browne Media 

Outfit Details:

Oversized Sweater ~ H&M

Denim ~ Zara

Trench ~ Thrifted

Heels ~ Aldo (DSW)

Bag ~ RF Lifestyles

Keychain ~ TopShop


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