The Green Jumpsuit

After months of obsessing over Tracee Ellis Ross’ in her Escada lime green jumpsuit – you know the one she wore on Late Night with Seth Meyers? I finally found my match! I’ve never been a huge fan of jumpsuits, for myself. Sure, they look great on others, stunning in fact but I think there has always been this insecurity in my head about how they look on my slender shape – which is probably why I only have two in my wardrobe and just admired them from afar. But now, bump that comfort zone!

Bold, Chic and Sexy?!!! All in one?!

Bringing back that old classic 70’s glam style. Studio 54 like vibe.

From the peak-a-boo-cleavage cut, to the open back. I love the wide sleeves. How going up one size gave me more of a drapery effect that fit my frame perfectly.

An effortless look that’s haute and ready, for any night out on the town. Dinner party with friends? A serious date with your beau? Whatever comes with the night life – a one piece statement that says, “I’m a Boss ass Bitch” when you walk through the place.






Photo Credits: Emile C. Browne Media

Outfit Details:

RF Lifestyles Boutique

Houston Montrose Area…


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