The Style of a Coffee Break

Everyone needs a good coffee break…

A time to unwind during a busy work day with a fresh cup of coffee is my idea of paradise – where I’m able to have a little peace and serenity from the everyday craziness that comes my way. Just one sip, the first sip, relaxes my soul and takes me to a place far away. LOL! You can pretty much see that I’m a junkie for my coffee.

So trust me when I say, my coffee is just as important as my personal style…

The woman that likes her coffee black would probably go for a more conservative look – dressed in all black or gray. The eclectic chick may prefer a vanilla latte. And then, there’s the ladies of cappuccinos and macchiatos who live for a chic street style. All whom have a different taste and flavor whether it be their coffee or sense of fashion.

Living the Downtown life, definitely has it’s perks when you’re always on the hunt for the #1 coffee shops around – who has the best lattes, cappuccinos or macchiatos. And let’s not forget the neighborhood cafe that’s also a bar – which is exactly why I kept it downtown chic in a white sheath dress with my cherry patent pumps for a sunny, break-away date with the love of my life – my cappuccino!

But you know, just in case I’d like to hang around for Happy Hour… I’m good to go!

Thank goodness, no one bumped into me…

That would have totally ruined the twinning I had going on with my coffee cup…


 Photo Credits: Emile C. Browne Media


Outfit Details: 

Dress ~ Theory

Heels ~ Steve Madden

Bag ~ RF Lifestyles

Cappuccino ~ The HoneyMoon (Houston)