The Weekend: Boho Chic

Feeling the Boho…

Lately, I’ve really been digging a lot of vintage-type looks more than I ever have before. In the past (and present), it’s always the jeans I fall for, you know, the high-waist with a flared leg, wide-leg, bell bottoms and so forth – all of which seem to fit my Coca~Cola shape like a glove (pffffft! yeah, right!)… And now that I mentioned them, I actually started the day in a pair of vintage high-waisted jeans while stuffing my face with Macarons and washing them down with Mimosas for breakfast – but that’s another story..

My typical weekend of running around town during the day, would normally consist of wearing joggers or jeans with a tee or tank – nothing too fancy, just casually comfy. But there’s a new Saturday love – Boho Chic!

I was ecstatic when I stumbled across this 1970’s inspired dress at a Fashion Truck Festival (yes, something like a food truck but instead, fashion). Cut-out back, paisley print (in my favorite colors), bell sleeves and an amazing fit and flare – instantly in love, ready to wear, couldn’t wait to get home and slip this baby on for a book release party I was attending later at an old-fashioned/hipster type bar. Sexy-cool, if you would…

 Photo Credits: Stanley Armon (Emile C. Browne Media)

Outfit Details:

Dress ~ Unlikely Boutique (Fashion Truck)

Sandals ~ Bodega Sould Lounge


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