Casually Chic in Levi’s

One of my favorite go-to looks has to be an old pair of jeans with a tank and heels. I enjoy simplicity and comfort when I really don't want to get dressed but I have to because my daily to-do list says, 'Conquer the World! Be all you can be! Even if you are just … Continue reading Casually Chic in Levi’s


Something Vintage…

  A curl-friend of mine, recently launched her Vintage Resale Shop online, MeYe Label. The brand inspires women to be creative with their own personal style. Celebrating unique pieces at affordable pricing - Dress the Part, Shop Smart! An everyday vinty look. Now, to be honest, I'm definitely not the online shopper type and I'm … Continue reading Something Vintage…

Style Diary: Culottes x Long Shirts

You know the saying, "don't let the rain stop your shine"? That was my mood. Super determined to wear my culottes with a pair of white flats (that I've practically been living in for the past month, during my time of being off the grid, completely), on a rainy day. You're probably thinking, "white shoes … Continue reading Style Diary: Culottes x Long Shirts