Style Diary: Culottes x Long Shirts

You know the saying, “don’t let the rain stop your shine”? That was my mood. Super determined to wear my culottes with a pair of white flats (that I’ve practically been living in for the past month, during my time of being off the grid, completely), on a rainy day.

You’re probably thinking, “white shoes in the rain?!” I know, but, it was more of a gloomy, drizzle type day and not thunderstorm weather. Thank goodness! And, being that I’ve been in a little funk lately, I need to shake it off by learning how to dance in the rain, rather than continuing to lock myself in my apartment hitting snooze on my alarm clock, screening all my calls as I wallow around my place in fuzzy socks and a worn out tank with a bag of chips. Sometimes, we just have to hit the pause button when we’re not feeling at our best. However, I can go a little overboard with it. I’ll admit that. For an introvert, we tend to find solace when we shut down from the world. Nothing feels better than that good ole “me time”. 

Now, back to business…

So, for the days afternoon look, I chose soft hues that would add just enough color to brighten up this cloud cover day. Or, should I say, ‘bipolar weather’ – Geesh! Nonetheless, I could never go wrong with a long shirt or a pair of culottes for a casual day out. In my comfort zone, I love a long shirt that gives me the feeling of wearing men’s shirts without having to actually wear a mans shirt. Sort of like the morning after, when you crawl out of bed and throw on his shirt. Culottes – because they’re the coolest comeback and simply chic! Speaking of comebacks, stay tuned.

Photo Credits: M. Goldan Browne

Outfit Details:

Complete Look ~ Zara

See you all again, Friday!


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