Something Vintage…


A curl-friend of mine, recently launched her Vintage Resale Shop online, MeYe Label. The brand inspires women to be creative with their own personal style. Celebrating unique pieces at affordable pricing – Dress the Part, Shop Smart! An everyday vinty look. Now, to be honest, I’m definitely not the online shopper type and I’m not sure what it is but I prefer my items in-hand, upon purchase. LOL! I mean, I may want to wear it that day (shrugs)… So, when I hear MeYe Label was going to be a vendor at a Fashion Farmers event, one of my girlfriends and I, were already – ready to go! Yesssss! Items in hand! HA!

And, that’s where I met an old school jumpsuit that was reminiscent of my mother rocking an Afro in a ancient picture. No, but seriously, the jumpsuit gave me a ‘Good Times’ vibe and I had to have it! Plus, there’s this small obsession of mine for vinty things.

No wonder why I have this old worn out chair in my place that I simply refuse to get rid of even though it’s practically fallen apart on me. I guess I’ve learned to see the beauty in everything that I’m surrounded by – such as my old beige socks or living in one of the oldest historical neighborhoods in Houston – appreciating the old and not just the new. Therefore, when I stumble across an old vintage jumpsuit – I immediately fall in love!





imagePhoto Credits: Stanley Armon (Emile C. Browne Media)

Outfit Details:

Vintage Jumpsuit: MeYe Label

Booties: RF Lifestyles

See you all, Monday!

Have a Great Weekend!


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