Casually Chic in Levi’s

One of my favorite go-to looks has to be an old pair of jeans with a tank and heels. I enjoy simplicity and comfort when I really don’t want to get dressed but I have to because my daily to-do list says, ‘Conquer the World! Be all you can be! Even if you are just going to throw on a pair of Levi’s’. But, to be honest, if I could have it my way, I’d wear ripped jeans and high heels everyday. It’s the tomboy in me. Well, the tomboy that likes to wear heels to feed my short person complex and then dread my decision at the end of the day because my feet are in major pain. HA!

For the days outing (which was making a few store runs and having a concert in my car), I gravitated towards my comfort zone style. It’s amazing how these Levi’s have survived all those years in my closet and still makes a good look. Probably one of the best investments I ever made when it comes to my jeans – they never let me down. I can practically wear them in any style that I like. And, trust me, I do. So to jazz things up a bit, adding a blazer and a pop of color with this mini bag I purchased from RF Lifestyles Boutique, made my old raggedy jeans and tank – look like someone’s checking off items on their to-do list.


Outfit Details:

Denim ~ Levi’s; Tank ~ Forever21; Blazer ~ H&M; Heels ~ Aldo Shoes; Bag ~ RF Lifestyles

Photo by: M. Goldan Browne

See you on Wednesday!


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