Style Diary: Denim for Work

Hey Loves, here's a quick update on my 9 to 5 casuals that I like to wear when I'm staying the night at work. Ugh!!! Tell me about it. The fact that I have a daytime career in Information Technology (more like 24/7 rather than 9-5) which means, I work holidays, weekends, and a 7 … Continue reading Style Diary: Denim for Work


The Blue Mules

Because life is better when you add a little color... Walked into the weekend with my usual, jeans and a tee. An all time favorite in my book of street style looks. My obsession may come from them being simple enough to wear as casuals, but, can also be worn as a chic ensemble. And, … Continue reading The Blue Mules

A Play On Colors…

Hey Loves, just wanted to stop by and talk about a colorful look I chose; going out to support a friend at one of her trunk show events. Ditching my usual of dark tones - which practically fill my closet with only a little space tucked away for anything of color. And if I'm honest, … Continue reading A Play On Colors…

Style Diary: Blazer x Jeggings

Head over heels for a Blazer with a pair of Jeggings... The one thing I love about personal style - personality. Let's be honest, we could all buy the exact same pieces, wear them on the same day, and no one would look identical to the other. Fashion is fashion but your style is you. … Continue reading Style Diary: Blazer x Jeggings

Simply Chic Midi

 Spent the day out strolling through Austin city limits in this chic olive midi dress. The weather was beautiful. Perfect in every way. Not too hot nor humid. Just enough to prance around enjoying the outdoors before that Summer heat kicks in and the only thing that'll be on our minds is to go from … Continue reading Simply Chic Midi

Cold-shoulder Hipster

Keep Austin Weird... Over the weekend, I took a trip up to the hill country to have lunch with a friend (which was well over due). While in town, there were a few places on my "things to do in Austin" list; one of them being, Castle Hill. Graffiti walls like you've never seen before. … Continue reading Cold-shoulder Hipster


Finally, a shirt that describes my current mood - verbatim... FIT (F*CK I'M TIRED)... We can all relate to that, right? Being that I work one of the craziest schedules - my sleep pattern isn't shit. My days off usually consist of shopping, blogging, business meetings with my Truly You Curls team, attending events or … Continue reading FIT (F*CK I’M TIRED)…

Got Stripes?

Confession: I usually don't wear stripes... Breaking out of that old comfort zone of mine where I tend to be obsessed with solids. Sure, I own a few pieces of prints but very seldom do I mix and mingle in them. And wearing bold stripes, definitely, hasn't been on my radar much. Yet, I found these … Continue reading Got Stripes?