Got Stripes?

Confession: I usually don’t wear stripes…

Breaking out of that old comfort zone of mine where I tend to be obsessed with solids. Sure, I own a few pieces of prints but very seldom do I mix and mingle in them. And wearing bold stripes, definitely, hasn’t been on my radar much. Yet, I found these pants to be exactly what I needed for a Media Breakfast.

Slouchy fit off the hips, wide-legs, poplin shirt with a pair of flats to complete my morning look. Something that’s playful and chic at the same time. The type of stripes that can go from day to night in any event. So… Breakfast at Neiman Marcus it is!

By the amount of compliments they received – it turns out, the pants were a winner! Dressed for breakfast, work, happy hour at one of my favorite Sushi Bars, and a quick trip to Barnes & Noble for a meeting. You know you’ve done something right when your manager won’t stop talking about how great your outfit looks. However, when I asked him if he’d like a pair, he kindly declined. LOL! But, the real beauty in all of this – I copped them on sale around the $20 mark at Banana Republic. YAY me! Because who doesn’t love a fantastic sale? Not only that, I don’t know any fashionable woman who isn’t head over heels for a look she can wear any time or day of the week.


Outfit Details: Top/Flats/Bag ~ Zara; Pants ~ Banana Republic

Photo by: Audia Jones

See you all again on Friday!!!


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