Finally, a shirt that describes my current mood – verbatim… FIT (F*CK I’M TIRED)…

We can all relate to that, right? Being that I work one of the craziest schedules – my sleep pattern isn’t shit. My days off usually consist of shopping, blogging, business meetings with my Truly You Curls team, attending events or dining out with friends. So, trust me when I say, your girl be muthaf*cking tied! LOL! I mean, its one of my favorite profanity shirts to wear when I want to be a bad girl with no f*cks given. Alright, enough with the language already! Geesh! Yeah, yeah, I know, a lady should always be two things – classy and fabulous, right? Dropping a few F-bombs, here and there, shouldn’t change that though. It all depends on how you dress it up.

Skinny high-waist jeans pairs perfectly with a mid-length top. I’m loving how the frayed edges around my shirt adds a little detail with my ripped jeans – giving me the look of something out a music video in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Bad ass! Then, there’s the blue pumps that take you from ‘oh! That’s cute!’ to ‘HAUTE!’.

Feeling sexy-cool for the day…



Outfit Details: Top ~ The Laundry Room (Heiress Boutique); Pants ~ Zara; Shoes ~ Saint Laurent

Photos by: M. Goldan Browne

Have a great weekend!

See all you again on Monday!


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