Cold-shoulder Hipster

Keep Austin Weird…

Over the weekend, I took a trip up to the hill country to have lunch with a friend (which was well over due). While in town, there were a few places on my “things to do in Austin” list; one of them being, Castle Hill. Graffiti walls like you’ve never seen before. It’s always a sight to see every time I visit. Not only that, it happens to be one of the coolest chill spots in the city, if you’re into graffiti arts. Funny how I didn’t appreciate Austin when I lived there, because it’s really a beautiful city with tons of attractions that’ll keep you going. Real hipster in every way. Live music for days – giving them the title of “music capital of the world”. So, when I do Austin, I do it  in Austinite style!

Faded black jeans and my cold-shoulder top were a winner, here. To finish my ‘I play in an all girls band’ look, black hat and black ankle booties. Also toting around my obsession; a little fringe with benefits. Ah yes! I think I may just become an Austinite, again… On second thought, never mind…

Outfit Details: Top ~ Target; Pants ~ Zara; Shoes ~ TJ Maxx; Bag ~ RF Lifestyles; Hat ~ Aldo Accessories 

See you all again on Wednesday!


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