Simply Chic Midi

 Spent the day out strolling through Austin city limits in this chic olive midi dress. The weather was beautiful. Perfect in every way. Not too hot nor humid. Just enough to prance around enjoying the outdoors before that Summer heat kicks in and the only thing that’ll be on our minds is to go from one air conditioner to another. With only a few days left of Spring, I’m taking advantage of not complaining about my allergies and spending my time, as much as I can, outside.

So, for a day like this, I love a floaty, soft tier dress that can also be flirtatious. A flattering look on any woman. To add my own style, I kept it simply chic, adjusting the top-tier gave it a bigger tier effect (if that makes sense), which allowed the spaghetti straps to slide off my shoulders in a playful way. Super cute, yet, very comfy. I have to admit, this is one of my top BR picks off the sales rack. Seriously! I basically paid little to nothing (under $20) and I feel like a million bucks. Otay, maybe not a million bucks but this midi dress was everything I desired for an afternoon walk. Now, who am I kidding? I drove more than I walked. HA! Then, I ventured off to one of my favorite spots to kick my feet up, drink some fancy beer, with a couple slices of pizza.

But, regardless of the occasion, I love this look!



Outfit Details: Dress ~ Banana Republic; Sandals ~ Zara

See you all again, next time!


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