A Play On Colors…

Hey Loves, just wanted to stop by and talk about a colorful look I chose; going out to support a friend at one of her trunk show events. Ditching my usual of dark tones – which practically fill my closet with only a little space tucked away for anything of color. And if I’m honest, it all seems to be different shades of coral, yellows and a pinch of green – enough for me to add a pop of color with dark hues. However, I’m feeling a bit summer ready with a play on my favorite corals.

The top has more of a red-orange to it and the pants are a pinkish coral. I threw in the teal bag to mix things up a little for a vibrant chic look. And, it just so happens that my newest love affair are cold-shoulder tops. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of my shoulders being sexy until now. So imagine my mood when I found this top in coral, hanging on the racks at RF Lifestyles. All over it! Throw it in the bag, please!

Not only that, I absolutely adore – how perfect shoulder tops pair with wide leg pants. Definitely, something to flaunt when making a colorful statement.

In another light, you could really see my color scheme of corals.

Outfit Details: Top ~ Jealous Tomato (RF Lifestyles Boutique); Pants ~ Jealous Tomato (another boutique); Bag ~ RF Lifestyles

It’s officially SUMMER!!!

See you all again, next time!


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