Style Diary: Denim for Work

Hey Loves, here’s a quick update on my 9 to 5 casuals that I like to wear when I’m staying the night at work. Ugh!!! Tell me about it. The fact that I have a daytime career in Information Technology (more like 24/7 rather than 9-5) which means, I work holidays, weekends, and a 7 day sleep over, I’m almost always dressed in casuals. Denim and white tees are my ole faithfuls when it’s time to clock in. And it’s not just that, there’s only two women in my company (yes, that includes myself) so the office gets a chic tomboy look every time. 

Sticking to the usuals, but today, I decided on this khaki green shirt jacket and a pop of color with my loafers because geeks/nerds can have a sense of style, too… Although I don’t consider myself to be a nerd, I do have a whole geek squad crew I run with from time to time. Any who, enough about the “daytime work life”, it’s all about how I dress my denim for work. 

Outfit Details: Pants ~ Joe’s Jeans; Tee ~ Zara; Shirt Jacket ~ Democracy; Loafers ~ Banana Republic

See you all again next time!


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