Weekend Blues & The Faux Fur

I don't like Monday's and I'm never ready for them. I think we should remove Monday from the calendar. Then, we'll hate Tuesday. At least for those of us who work a daytime job, Mon - Fri. Think of the song,"Little Boxes" by Malvina Reynolds And the people in the houses All went to the … Continue reading Weekend Blues & The Faux Fur


Casual Holidays…

On a short road trip to reunite with my family for a couple of days. For me, the Holidays mean extra days off from work and driving to Austin to spend time with my brother and his kids. Doesn't matter that I don't celebrate American Holidays. Being that my brother and I are the only … Continue reading Casual Holidays…

Sweater Weather to the Rescue!

Finally! A little sweater to go with my coffee... It was almost starting to feel as if the Fall season forgot about Houston. The leaves had barely changed colors and we were still wearing shorts with our Pumpkin Spice Lattes while everyone else was bundled up in their sweaters, scarves and jackets. But thank goodness, … Continue reading Sweater Weather to the Rescue!

Style Diary: Classic Soles

Because classic sneakers are a definite... The retro effect; faux leather pants, simple tee, white/black shell toe and the denim jacket that lives forever. You know that feeling you'd get when it's the first day of school and you can't wait to show off your kicks? I still have that excitement every time I purchase … Continue reading Style Diary: Classic Soles

That One Favorite Tee

That one shirt that says everything you stand for... Not that I'm a healthy eater or anything but there's a special place in my heart for all things Kale (anyway you like it) and avocados. Although, my usual diet consist of cupcakes, snickers and macarons - every Tuesday and Thursday, I sneak some healthy food into … Continue reading That One Favorite Tee

The Hipster In Me….

Hipster Zone Every blue moon, a little part of me miss the City of Austin's hipster life. The culture, live music, bars on top of bars, the food (mainly tacos), all the boutiques and vintage shops. Its one of those places that prides itself on being, well, you know - a little weird, as their slogan … Continue reading The Hipster In Me….

Back to Blogging….

Moment of Truth.... Been missing for quite some time, now. Popping up, here and there. But mainly under construction with self. Battling with my insecurities (we all have them), negative thought patterns, depression and a clear reality check. I can come up with many "excuses" for my absence. And, being that I've never been an open … Continue reading Back to Blogging….