Back to Blogging….


Moment of Truth….

Been missing for quite some time, now. Popping up, here and there. But mainly under construction with self. Battling with my insecurities (we all have them), negative thought patterns, depression and a clear reality check. I can come up with many “excuses” for my absence. And, being that I’ve never been an open book, it’s an easy cop out. An escape route – one that says, you can only know the good side of Goldan (which really isn’t fair to you all). Nonetheless, it feels as if I’ve let people down by remaining in my comfort zone.

How to move forward? Refocus.

You know the saying, “write it down on paper and watch shit get real” – yeah, that part.

So, in my attempt to make it up to you, I rocked a low rise jumpsuit with a pair of Reebok Classics as I roamed around the neighborhood for a fresh breath of air.

Outfit Details: 

Low Rise Jumpsuit ~ Zara

Reebok Classic Sneakers ~ Lady’s Foot Locker

Shirt Jacket ~ Democracy 

See you again on Wednesday!


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