The Hipster In Me….


Hipster Zone

Every blue moon, a little part of me miss the City of Austin’s hipster life. The culture, live music, bars on top of bars, the food (mainly tacos), all the boutiques and vintage shops. Its one of those places that prides itself on being, well, you know – a little weird, as their slogan says, “Keep Austin Weird”. Having lived there for a few years, I found inspiration all over the city with their street style, so much so that you’d think I were a true Austinite. Now residing in Houston, my hipster style still comes out to play. And of course it always depends on how I’m feeling or what I have planned – as I’m a strong believer that someone of great style knows what to wear, where.

In the mood for one of those disgusting Kale smoothies that I like to drink (something I fell in love with while living in Austin), it was only right to dress the part. Not only that, I just wanted a reason to run around town in my shorts and booties.

Outfit Details:

Denim Shorts ~ Levi’s

Tee ~ GAP

Choker ~ TopShop

Booties ~ indigo rd. 

Let’s meet again on Friday!


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