That One Favorite Tee

That one shirt that says everything you stand for…

Not that I’m a healthy eater or anything but there’s a special place in my heart for all things Kale (anyway you like it) and avocados. Although, my usual diet consist of cupcakes, snickers and macarons – every Tuesday and Thursday, I sneak some healthy food into tummy. Either a Kale salad or avocado toast then back to my twinkies – my way of balancing life… ssshhh….

And, the fact that I’m afrolicious 365 days of the year – makes this shirt now one of my favorites to wear, here and there. Feeling like one of those cool kids fashionably relaxed and unapologetic.

Outfit Details:

T-shirt ~ Curly Chicks

Pants ~ Zara

Hat ~ Aldo Accessories

Platform Loafers ~ Michael Kors

Have a great weekend!

See you all again, Monday!


One thought on “That One Favorite Tee

  1. AppealnStyle says:

    You have to be absolutely my favorite woman period!!!! In Which I would love to enjoy some snacks with you, as play with your hair 😉❤️ but this look is way to cute for words to describe, just like you bae 💘❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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