Casual Holidays…

On a short road trip to reunite with my family for a couple of days.

For me, the Holidays mean extra days off from work and driving to Austin to spend time with my brother and his kids. Doesn’t matter that I don’t celebrate American Holidays. Being that my brother and I are the only ones who live in Texas while the rest of our family still resides in our home state of California, I’m expected to show up. Calls from my grandmother and mother, never fails with the “so, what do you and your brother have planned? What are you going to cook? Can you do my Xmas shopping for me?” They could really care less about my non-religious, conscious, awake, pro-black beliefs. I can talk all the shit I’d like but I better be there. And, you can guarantee, if someone’s cooking, I’m definitely there. Plus, I’ll never let my brother believe he’s a better cook than I am. So on the road I go… Stopping in every small town on the way, trying to find the perfect photo op for one of my timeless looks.

P.S. My nephew hates when I wear form fitting clothes or makeup… Pffffffft! However, I still decided to go without makeup just to satisfy him….

Outfit Details:

Blazer ~ H&M

Pants ~ Banana Republic

Boots ~ Zara 

Hope you enjoy your family time! 

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!


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