From Sneakers to Pumps

So, here's my story: I'm the type of woman that always leaves my house wearing sneakers but not without a pair of pumps in my hand... Makes you think of the 'downtown working woman' with those godawful white sneakers and then they switch into their heels when it counts... Yup, sounds familiar... Except, I'm backwards. … Continue reading From Sneakers to Pumps


Style Diary: Rock The Basics

The day after Holiday... The time had come to travel back home and prepare for the work week. Pulled out some old basics for the short road trip I had ahead of me. And if I'm going to be honest, pairing my joggers with a graphic tee and sneakers - was all a part of … Continue reading Style Diary: Rock The Basics

Casual Monday’s: Let it be Velvet…

Keeping my cool in a pair of Velvet Tuxedo Pants... ''Twas the day before Christmas look... when I procrastinated until the very last minute to do my Mothers Holiday shopping for her. With a 3 hour drive ahead of me to my brothers house, I figured I'd get it done while on the road - … Continue reading Casual Monday’s: Let it be Velvet…

‘Tis the Season: Vintage Bomber

It's officially WINTER!!!! The past few days have been freaking cold. Freezing to be exact. Very seldom does Houston weather drop down to the 30's but I sh*t you not, when it gets cold, it's real... However, it never last long... So, before I miss out on all this good cold weather, I'll be highlighting … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season: Vintage Bomber

Casual Monday’s: It’s Bananas

You can't take me anywhere... Suppose to be on a coffee run and ended up stopping by Ritters Frozen Custard (which is closed for the Season) to play around in the freezing cold. With no change in hand, I was unable to enjoy a couple of rides (they probably don't work - anyway) but it … Continue reading Casual Monday’s: It’s Bananas

Weekend Style: Nubuck Leather Moto

This week has been busier than I would have preferred. Between work and sleep and more work and sleep - I have yet to find time for myself. And the saga will continue throughout the weekend with more work, sleep, and I may be able to sneak in a little retail therapy. Hopefully, I won't … Continue reading Weekend Style: Nubuck Leather Moto

Style Diary: Faux Fur Season

Fur season has arrived in Texas... Or in this case, Faux Fur... I've been literally waiting for the time to come - where I'm able to pull out all the outerwear that I've been hoarding over the years as statement pieces for my casual days. For me, Winter means layers of clothing, chic jackets/coats, boots/booties, … Continue reading Style Diary: Faux Fur Season

Vinty Escada & Casuals…

Funny story.... As a kid, I totally despised clothes that were hand me downs. It was a huge "EWWWW!" in my book. Everything had to be newly bought in order for me to even fathom the thought of wearing it. An extreme brat, if you would... As an adult, you can't keep me out of … Continue reading Vinty Escada & Casuals…

Be True. Be You.

In love with my Truly You Curls "Be True. Be You" pullover sweatshirt. Truly You prides itself on being a company that provides moisture rich all-natural hair care products combining high quality ingredients to soften and moisture, dry or textured hair. I've been working with Truly You Curls for a few years, now. First, as … Continue reading Be True. Be You.

Style Diary: Wide-Leg x Chunky Heels x Bomber Jacket…

Fall/Winter Recipe:  Wide-Leg Chambray Pants, Chunky Heels and Bomber Jackets. For the last week, I've been dead sick. Severely under the weather. You would've thought death was upon me because I tend to be a drama queen when I'm not feeling well. I guess I'll chalk it up to being "the Season". And, maybe the flu … Continue reading Style Diary: Wide-Leg x Chunky Heels x Bomber Jacket…