Be True. Be You.

In love with my Truly You Curls “Be True. Be You” pullover sweatshirt.

Truly You prides itself on being a company that provides moisture rich all-natural hair
care products combining high quality ingredients to soften and moisture, dry or
textured hair.

I’ve been working with Truly You Curls for a few years, now. First, as their brand ambassador. And, this year, I partnered with them as Chief Marketing Officer. Sounds like fun stuff, huh? Amazing how I’ve never been a natural hair enthusiast but when you meet a product that meets your hair standards, it just makes you want to jump on board as a true believer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still one to rock out with my Afro untamed. However, my hair isn’t dying for thirst any longer.

As the cold weather began to slowly creep in – we decided to do sweatshirts this season instead of our usual “Truly You” T-shirts. While on the hunt for different styles and designs, we came across this 80’s inspired sweatshirt; cut-off neck and front pockets?! Yessss! We have a winner! Our team was pretty
ecstatic about the sweatshirts and couldn’t wait to have them released. So you know what that means… Photo shoot time with our Curl Friends!

Of course, I had to sneak off to the back to do my own #BTS photo shoot. LOL! You can’t tell me I’m not the Afro version of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance

Outfit Details: 

Pullover Sweatshirt ~ Truly You Curls

Pants: Thrifted Levi’s

Fishnet Tights ~ DKNY

Trench ~ Thrifted

Booties ~ Aldo Shoes

Truly You “Be. Be You” Limited Edition Pullovers Super Sale

REG. PRICE: $65.00
SALE PRICE: $45.99

Have a safe weekend, everyone!

Catch you on Monday!


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