Vinty Escada & Casuals…

Funny story…. As a kid, I totally despised clothes that were hand me downs.
It was a huge “EWWWW!” in my book. Everything had to be newly bought in order
for me to even fathom the thought of wearing it. An extreme brat, if you would…
As an adult, you can’t keep me out of thift stores, vintage shops or browsing through
my grandmothers closet (she has really good taste) for some  good ole classic wear that has survived the test of time. Season after Season. Year after year. Closet after closet.

Never in a million years, did I think I’d be excited over some
hand me downs from my mother or grandmother. Usually when they ship me boxes, its either socks or underclothes –  in which I sort of wish they wouldn’t (LOL!). Howevever, I’m grateful for every thing they do.

The little treasures they find in their old wardrobe becomes statement pieces in mine.

So imagine how I felt when my mother sent me this Vintage ESCADA bag from the early 1990’s (Margaretha Ley era). Forest green color with gold accents. Crocodile embossed leather. Perfect condition. Oh, to die for! And what do I do? I rock it with a classic pair of Levi’s, white tee, an Olive jacket and Altuzarra for Target black booties – which is also crocodile embossed…

Check the details…

Although, this blog doesn’t do the purse any justice – because its truly remarkable in person. You’re gonna have to trust me on this one or at least until its next public appearance….


Outfit Details:

Tee ~ GAP

Jacket ~ Jones of New York

Denim Pants ~ Levi’s

Bag ~ Escada 

Heels ~ Alruzarra for Target

Thanks for stopping by! 

See you on Wednesday….


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