Weekend Style: Nubuck Leather Moto

This week has been busier than I would have preferred. Between work and sleep and more work and sleep – I have yet to find time for myself. And the saga will continue throughout the weekend with more work, sleep, and I may be able to sneak in a little retail therapy. Hopefully, I won’t get run over by Holiday shoppers… So, good luck to myself.
I’m sure I’ve got this handled, though. And nothing says ‘the weekend’ like a white tee / faded black jeans / and my Nubuck Leather Motorcycle Jacket from DKNY. In all honesty, I’m really just here to show off my jacket. Nothing more. Nothing less….

It’s practically the softest of leather in sophisticated classic motorcycle style – nice neutral tone with gold zippers – fully lined and perfect for an on-the-go street style or any style, for that matter. The only leather jacket that has stayed in my family for many years and probably many years to come, as I pass it down to my niece. But for now, this beauty will
remain in my wardrobe until further notice. *wink*wink*

Outfit Details:

Moto Jacket ~ DKNY (Nubuck Leather)

Faded Jeans ~ Levi’s 

Tee ~ H&M Basics

Boots ~ Timberland

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND. See you on Monday!


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