Casual Monday’s: It’s Bananas

You can’t take me anywhere…

Suppose to be on a coffee run and ended up stopping by Ritters Frozen Custard (which is closed for the Season) to play around in the freezing cold. With no change in hand, I was unable to enjoy a couple of rides (they probably don’t work – anyway) but it turned out to be a great photo op to show off – how I rock my Banana Republic casuals. As a true Northern Californian, I was practically raised on the brand. It started off with Old Navy and GAP, then on to Banana Republic – once I chose a professional career where Business Casual attire, Mon – Fri, became a part of my life…

Now, I can’t even step foot in a mall without visiting BR. My niece hates it and calls them my sweater store and shes very outspoken about her dislike for my love of sweaters. We’ll just say, its a good thing that she doesn’t get to pick my wardrobe…

Today’s look – all in the detail. Check how the cable pattern on both my blazer
and sweater play well together… Also, if you were to walk in Banana Republic right now,
you’d probably find my entire look for around the $100 mark excluding the Blazer
and Booties… Yeah, I know, it’s Banana’s! LOL! (I couldn’t help myself. I had to say it)…

Casual Monday for the working woman…

Outfit Details:

Sweater, Pants and Bag ~ Banana Republic

Blazer ~ Giorgio Armani

Heels ~ Steve Madden

Thanks for joining!

See you on Wednesday!


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