Casual Monday’s: Let it be Velvet…

Keeping my cool in a pair of Velvet Tuxedo Pants

”Twas the day before Christmas look… when I procrastinated until the very last minute to do my Mothers Holiday shopping for her. With a 3 hour drive ahead of me to my brothers house, I figured I’d get it done while on the road – traveling. Silly me, right? However, it wasn’t as disastrous as I thought it would be… Not only that, someone had already killed my Grinch spirit by making me participate in the festivities.

There I stood, in my Adidas, white tee, hair – wild as ever (thanks to the wind), Velvet Tuxedo Pants – just an all around Tomboy mood. Ready to tackle the day. Constantly checking my credit card balance. Feeling like I was tricked. LOL! But if I’m going to let my Mother punk me, I’m going out –  casually dressed in Velvet

Outfit Details:

Tee ~ H&M

Bottoms ~ Aiden Maddox Velvet Tuxedo Pants

Denim Jacket ~ GAP

Shoes ~ Adidas Originals

Bag ~ Banana Republic

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday!

Safe Travels Home…

See you again, Wednesday!


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