Casual Monday: Denim on Demim

Happy Casual Monday! The best part of waking up, when you don't have to be at work early Monday morning? Sliding on those faithful pair of Levi's as if it were still the weekend. Denim on denim. Midday breakfast. The type of afternoon that pairs perfectly with a blazer and sneakers. Casually inclined to add … Continue reading Casual Monday: Denim on Demim


Locals Do It Better

They don't know... Roaming through the neighborhood and bumped into another Cafe that I've never visited before. Very hippyish, which is right up my alley. Where faded jeans and tees hang out with lattes and pastries. On the side of it, this super cool chalkboard to sign your autograph or possibly write a short biography. … Continue reading Locals Do It Better

Style Diary: Who’s That Girl

A Midi Tube Skirt Never Hurt Nobody... *Singing* I'm bringing sexy back (yeah)'. Pulled out my Tube Skirt and don't know how to act (yeah)'... Time for a moment of truth. Ladies, have you ever had an insecurity about your body shape? And in turn, you avoid any clothing that would possibly expose the "I … Continue reading Style Diary: Who’s That Girl

Casual Monday: Ready for Work

Bringing color into the office... Too gorgeous outside for my usual, work wear attire which typically consist of the boring business casual; blue, black or grey slacks and a simple button down blouse. Very seldom do I step out the professional box and wear what I consider as my "good clothes" to work. Today, was … Continue reading Casual Monday: Ready for Work

Make Fashion Great Again!!!

Make Fashion Great Again!!! Too soon? I couldn't help myself... Fashion has always been great! And with no fashion rules, it's even better than before... Hold on to your skirts, ladies... Otay! That's the end of my political stance for the day... Showing a little leg because I'm such a *bleep bleep* lady. Pairing booties … Continue reading Make Fashion Great Again!!!

Minimalist Behavior…

Simply put... It's not everyday that we're all glam'd up, ready for the runway. What about the days we really live for, though? You know, where a girl just wants to be a girl in her blue jeans. Or so my story goes. A quick white tee. No bold accessories. One subtle statement piece (not … Continue reading Minimalist Behavior…

Casual Monday: Strolling Down Memory Lane…

Taking a page from my old style book... Cropped (high water) pants, Vintage top and patent leather shoes... Blue that is... But of course, right? However, today's post isn't about my numerous pairs of blue shoes... Or how I'm obsessed with blue denim... I must be an old soul because I'm a true sucker for … Continue reading Casual Monday: Strolling Down Memory Lane…

Casual Monday: Thrifted Treasure

The Best $0.25 I have EVER spent in my entire LIFE! Let me just say, it was extremely cold, beyond freezing, over this past weekend. It certainly wasn't our typical "cold-front" weather we're use to down here in Texas. The beauty of it all, was spending time with the family. Going to my nephews basketball … Continue reading Casual Monday: Thrifted Treasure

Casual Monday: No Fashion Rules ‼️

Welcome to 2017! Where your evening/party dress becomes a part of your casual wear... There hasn't been any rules in fashion for quite some time now. You wear what you want. How you want. When you want. That's the only rule. With that being said, I sat this NYE out and enjoyed the comforts of … Continue reading Casual Monday: No Fashion Rules ‼️