Casual Monday: No Fashion Rules ‼️

Welcome to 2017!

Where your evening/party dress becomes a part of your casual wear…

There hasn’t been any rules in fashion for quite some time now. You wear what you want. How you want. When you want. That’s the only rule. With that being said, I sat this NYE out and enjoyed the comforts of my couch. Hungover from Nachos because one of my BFF’s doesn’t know the difference between a dip and an entree… LOL! So to make up for my non-eventful night, I woke up New Years Day full of energy and ready to hit the ground running … but in a party dress and sneakers… Couldn’t decide which look I wanted to go with… Therefore, I chose both. Same dress and soles but with the switch of outerwear – a different street style look. However, at the end of day, my Denim Jacket was the one I rocked out with for a Football party I was attending…

And to my surprise, it was the unveiling of an engagement … Dressed for the occasion without even knowing…

Outfit Details:

Dress ~ Heiress Boutique

Denim Jacket ~ GAP

Faux Fur ~ Philanthropy (Neiman Marcus)

Sneakers ~ Adidas Originals

Welcome to the New Year!!!

See you next time…


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