Casual Monday: Thrifted Treasure

The Best $0.25 I have EVER spent in my entire LIFE!

Let me just say, it was extremely cold, beyond freezing, over this past weekend. It certainly wasn’t our typical “cold-front” weather we’re use to down here in Texas. The beauty of it all, was spending time with the family. Going to my nephews basketball game with my brother. Binge watching ‘Being Mary JANE’ with my Grandmother. Morning drives to Dunkin Donuts. LOL! And that’s only to name a few…

While it may not have been t-shirt weather, my Trench Coat was everything and more! One of the many thrifted treasures you’ll always love because it’s pure classic. Talk about a quarter well spent?! If you could only see the look on my granny’s face when I told her how much I paid for it – PRICELESS! 

Outfit Details:

Tee ~ Zara Basics

Denim Pant ~ BDG (Urban Outfitter)

Trench Coat ~ Thrifted

Booties ~ Indigo to.

Thanks for hanging out!

Catch you next time !!!


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