Casual Monday: Strolling Down Memory Lane…

Taking a page from my old style book…

Cropped (high water) pants, Vintage top and patent leather shoes… Blue that is… But of course, right? However, today’s post isn’t about my numerous pairs of blue shoes… Or how I’m obsessed with blue denim… I must be an old soul because I’m a true sucker for all vintage looks that can be reinvented, over and over, again. Strolling down memory lane, I can only think of my father when he use to wear these butterfly collar shirts back in the 70’s during his fly guy stage. A little history; I was practically born and raised in a club (family business). Therefore, as far back as I can remember, having a unique style, standing out in a crowd, dressing to your own beat- ready to dance (groove) with the best of them. Something I keep in my mind whenever I’m dancing in my closet (Browne’s Paradise Lounge)… 

Feeling like a 70’s baby who never left the 70’s … Channeling my Aunts style of dress but with a slight update and on the way I go…

Outfit Details:

Top ~ Vintage (MagaLa Boheme)

Denim Pants ~ GAP

Loafers ~ Zara Basics

Bag ~ Escada


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