Minimalist Behavior…

Simply put…

It’s not everyday that we’re all glam’d up, ready for the runway.

What about the days we really live for, though?

You know, where a girl just wants to be a girl in her blue jeans.

Or so my story goes.

A quick white tee. No bold accessories. One subtle statement piece (not really but yeah). Afro pick for the crown. Checks mirror and realize “I’ve never looked this good in these jeans, before”… Grabs a pair of pumps on the way out the door – which appears to be my daily uniform. But, who doesn’t love an effortless look made from their comfort clothes. Some day soon, I’ll be strictly glam’d up for all the upcoming events I have on my calendar. For now, I’ll stick to my usual obsession of white tees and denim. Every which way I like…

Outfit Details:
Tee & Coat ~ Zara 
Denim Pants ~ Hollister Co.
Heels ~ Saint Laurent

Thanks for stopping by!
See you next time…


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