Style Diary: Who’s That Girl

A Midi Tube Skirt Never Hurt Nobody…

*Singing* I’m bringing sexy back (yeah)’. Pulled out my Tube Skirt and don’t know how to act (yeah)’…

Time for a moment of truth. Ladies, have you ever had an insecurity about your body shape? And in turn, you avoid any clothing that would possibly expose the “I don’t have enough booty for this” or “my breast wouldn’t look right in that” and “yeah, my kangaroo pouch isn’t having it” because we all have those moments, right? Tube skirts use to be that insecurity for me. The excuse I constantly gave myself was, I don’t have no derrière. Silly, right? Not any more. As the saying goes, the best outfit a woman can wear is confidence. Therefore, grabbing those basic cottons, such as a midi skirt, tank or tee – whatever’s preferable at the time, can be one of the most perfect effortless styles. I, for one, love a tube skirt paired with booties during the Fall/Winter for an edgy chic look. Or let’s just say, it’s one of my favorite obsessions.

Feeling all “Who’s that girl-ish”

Outfit Details:

Top ~ F21

Midi Tube Skirt ~ Zara

Bomber Jacket ~ Hollister Co.

Booties ~ Steve Madden

Hat ~ Aldo Accessories

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