Casual Monday: Nike Cortez Mood

Feeling home sick, therefore, I'm rocking my trophy sneakers that remind me of where I come from. Growing up in Northern California, I always wanted a pair of Navy/White Nylon Nike Cortez. But, my wish list was shot down with the infamous, "they're too expensive". Instead, I got the white faux-leather Payless knock-off version. Can't … Continue reading Casual Monday: Nike Cortez Mood


Slips and Oversized Sweaters

Happy Friday, Loves !!! Blast from the Past... Sharing one of my oldies but goodies' look. Slip, sweater, booties || No pants zone. The feeling you have after a warm-hot shower. Skin silky smooth moistened to perfection. The smell of shea butter based oils from my hair intertwined with the scent of my perfume slips … Continue reading Slips and Oversized Sweaters

My Who What Wear

#TargetStyle Funny story, I'm a huge fan of Target' its somewhat a home away from home during my downtime. I tend to come up with the most ridiculous reasons on why I need to make a store run. However, this trip was actually legit. I told myself I was just going for some fresh popcorn … Continue reading My Who What Wear

Jump into a Spring Remix

Happy Friday!!! You know it's a good day when I'm wearing blue suede shoes. My entire face lights up and the alter ego kicks in... (I really don't have an alter ego... just multiple personalities... LOL!)... Soooo over the Winter and impatiently awaiting Spring where pastel colors give me life. Not only that, I'm a Spring … Continue reading Jump into a Spring Remix

What is that Velvet?

What is that velvet? Yes, indeed... We've seen it before and we'll see it again. Can't seem to get enough of it. My younger self would say"don't wear too much velvet at once". Nowadays, I'm screaming, "got velvet?". Doesn't matter if it's Velveteen, Plain Velvet or Crushed Velvet or so forth. I'm here for it! And, … Continue reading What is that Velvet?

Casual Monday: Around the Way

Around the Way Going back to a familiar place in time, when my girls and I were notorious for wearing sneakers with our skirts and dresses. Especially, if we're talking Adidas. An everlasting love in my style book. Trendy then, and trendy, now. I'll just call this look "Goldan on the Block"... Last years knot-front … Continue reading Casual Monday: Around the Way

Style Diary: Eyelet Love Affair

Let's Brunch! Loving this look for Saturday Brunch or Tea Party (Disclaimer: I'm not actually a tea drinker, but if you're throwing a party, I will never pass on a chance to dress up and meet up with the ladies). My circle of friends are so use to seeing me in denim and tees, that … Continue reading Style Diary: Eyelet Love Affair

Weekend Crush

  Happy Friday, Loves!!! Stopping by with a go-to weekend look. The Classic; Denim x Tee x Heels. Casual as it may be, this is definitely a style that I can never get enough of. Less is more, when it comes to my own personal style. Being able to pair anything with it puts the … Continue reading Weekend Crush

Casual Monday: Black Fishnets x Adidas

My Tuesday has turned out to be my Monday... Had a long festive weekend as the Super Bowl 51 was hosted in my city of Houston. Lots of parties and so forth. However, on game day, I chose a trendy style; Black Fishnets and Adidas. Yes! I vote yes on this trend! With an eclectic … Continue reading Casual Monday: Black Fishnets x Adidas

StyleWeek: Push Thru! @Dior

Happy Friday, Loves! It's Super Bowl week in Houston! So, you know what that means, right? Style Week! First up, an invite to an elegant cocktail reception at Christian Dior Super Bowl Kickoff in support of CleRenda McGrady's new book release; "Push Thru! Redefine and Create Your Own Success Story.' Making her own waves as … Continue reading StyleWeek: Push Thru! @Dior