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Funny story, I’m a huge fan of Target’ its somewhat a home away from home during my downtime. I tend to come up with the most ridiculous reasons on why I need to make a store run. However, this trip was actually legit. I told myself I was just going for some fresh popcorn and a few feminine products. As usual, I wonder off into the women’s clothing (we’ll blame it on the popcorn), and found my “real” reason for being there.

Who What Wear Collection is back!!!

Trust me when I say, it took everything in me to not clear the rack. The collection is full of fashionable trendy items we all love at affordable prices. From pajama-dressing, your favorite casual wear and if a woman has the need to make the office her runway – have at it! I definitely, imagine it all in my closet but I’ll just take it one day at a time.

My ‘Who What Wear’ look plays on the love I have for  ‘no rules’ in fashion. Mixing prints, patterns, fabric in the only eclectic way I know.

Polka Dot Bomber x Track Pant for a chic athleisure feel, paired with their Piped Bow Blouse that I left undone. The look is high-end fabulous with either pumps, loafers or sneakers to the point where I was so indecisive on which shoe to wear, I had to post a picture and let my girlfriends choose in our never-ending group chat. Adidas for the win!

My motto: There’s only one thing in fashion to remember… It’s not what you wear but how you wear it… So, wear it well!

Outfit Details:

Head to Toe ~ Who What Wear (Target)

Sneakers ~ Adidas Originals

Bag ~ RF Lifestyles

Casual Monday will be back next week

Thanks for stopping by The Goldan Report!!!!


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