Slips and Oversized Sweaters

Happy Friday, Loves !!!

Blast from the Past…

Sharing one of my oldies but goodies’ look. Slip, sweater, booties || No pants zone. The feeling you have after a warm-hot shower. Skin silky smooth moistened to perfection. The smell of shea butter based oils from my hair intertwined with the scent of my perfume slips me into the mood of something sexy but also cozy. With pajama-dressing being one of fashions favorite trendy styles, it’s definitely giving my laziness the green light when I need it to. Layering a short silk slip with an oversized sweater is a thing of today. Pair with booties or a simple pump to step it up a notch for a sleek street style.

Dressing any type of pajama wear doesn’t mean look like you just crawled out of bed … It’s an effortless statement for a quick style rush…

Outfit Details:

Sweater ~ H&M

Slip Dress ~ Nordstroms Intimates

Booties ~ Zara

Bag ~ RF Lifestyles Boutique

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See you on the next blog post…


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