Casual Monday: Dress Like The Kid

Thank Goodness it’s Casual Monday…

As my 6yr old niece would say, “I’m going to wear my dress, my jeans, this top, and those shoes you bought me. See, ShayShay (my family nickname)? Cute!” I’m not sure which one of us started it, but, it definitely appears that we’re both pretty huge on wearing dresses with pants. LOL! Like Auntie, Like Niece. Missing my little Princess bug, therefore, I’m rocking one of our favorite looks for my date with a Green Tea Latte.

As playful as I can be, I love pairing a flowly type floaty dress with my denim pants (in most cases, so I can twirl around). And, when going for a more casual look, I can always depend on a white tee. Here, I chose a muscle tee instead, as the spaghetti straps on this dress tend to slide down my shoulders, in a way that makes a simple look, a lot more edgy.

Always channeling one my nieces (not really, they’re so my little copy cats). I guarantee you (in my Denzel Washington voice), when my niece sees this pic she’s going to do an outfit change, if she isn’t already wearing a dress with pants. LOL! Inspired by the kid…

Outfit Details:

Muscle Tee ~ Zara

Dress ~ Thrifted

Denim Pants ~ GAP

Pumps ~ Jessica Simpson (In my type of Nude)

Bag ~ RF Lifestyles Boutique

Thank you for stopping by The Goldan Report !

See you next time!        


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