Casual Monday: 3-piece Boho Style

This isn’t no ‘Little House on the Prairie’ type sh%t  … 

Allowing my free spirit to take center stage and show me the way to life. No more, little boxes. Or, playing by the rules. Most of us spend our lives doing what we thought we should, need, and suppose to do as an adult to survive, pay bills or whatever, leaving very little time for the things we actually want to do (sort of sounds like fashion, huh?) Therefore, I’ve made a vow to add more color to my days. Spend less time in my closet wondering if I already wore something on social media. Make room for creativity. Find joy in the smallest of things, such as a Coke (yes, even though it’s bad/unhealthy for you) and half a smile LOL! …

This is a 3-piece suit for the Boho-Chic!

Goldan’s Style: Denim Overall Dress left unbuttoned as a layering piece for both my top and skirt.

Coca Cola ‼️ When You Taste The Feeling

Outfit details:

Denim Overall Dress ~ b-Sharp (Pavement Recycled Shop)

Shoulder Top ~ xhilaration (#TargetStyle)

Polka Dot Skirt ~ American Apparel 

Sandals ~ Zara

Bag ~ Armani Exchange

Thanks for stopping by The Goldan Report!

See you on the next blog post…


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