Black & White Stripes + Color

Put some color on my black + white stripes…

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always been weary about what to pair with my black + white stripe pieces. Do I play it safe by sticking with what makes sense? The usual monochromatic scheme. Or, think outside the box and do the unexpected? Alex, I’ll take the unexpected for $200, please…

Whether we’re talking black + white stripe bottoms, tops, or footwear – adding just a little pop of color can breathe more life into your outfit – but, we know this already, right? The days of matchy-match is over. With that in mind, I took my striped gaucho pants on a date about the city with a coral top, turquoise bag, cognac sandals and hung out in the most colorful places. And to think that I actually stood several minutes in my closet saying, “I have nothing to wear with my black + white striped pants” just goes to show how sticking to the old “fashion” script can have us missing out on some of the most effortless chic looks that already exist in our closets.

How do you dress your black + white stripes…

Outfit Details:

Black/White Striped Gauchos ~ Zara (archives)

Cold-Shoulder Top ~ Jealous Tomato (Shop RF Lifestyles)

Bag ~ Shop RF Lifestyles

Gladiator Sandals ~ Bodega Sole Lounge

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