Everyday Style… Everyday Woman…

Outside of social media, there’s this real world I live in. Where I awake and everything isn’t so picture perfect or a photo shoot. With coffee spilled on my tank top. My mood is more of a laid back one. And my style becomes just that. Usually, a pair of denim pants will suffice for those off days. But I also love to mix and mingle chic trousers with old casual pieces for a laid back look. Or, urban. If you would…

Not the girl next door but definitely your everyday woman who ditches her heels for flats on a regular basis. Loves the fit of her skinny jeans as they accentuate her curves but will easily replace them with a loose fit pant that’ll still provide the same appeal. Cotton tank tops are blouses (in my style book), any way you want to dress’em (not up for debate). Denim jackets act as a blazer for an effortless tone. And, in all honesty, some of the best looks come from not even trying. That’s something I’ve always admired about people of great style. Own the look! Whether its put together or not. Picture worthy or no go. I’m here for the everyday woman who doesn’t walk the runways or shop in the best of the department stores. She is she. Just as me.

Outfit Details:

Gray Tank ~ Forever21

Coral Trousers ~ Jealous Tomato

Denim Jacket ~ GAP

White Oxfords ~ Zara

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