All About the Lounge Wear… 

Happy Hump Day!!!

Let’s be real, I’m definitely not one who spends most of their time glam’d up in the best of garments, top designer shoes, MUA on deck and so forth. In fact, majority of the time, it’s the total opposite. Calm. Cool. Collective. Deeply in love with my casual basics. Naked face. Essentially, the bare minimums have taken the front seat in my daily wardrobe – which is also true when stepping out for dinners, events, and a little nightlife – you’ll catch some lounge wear mixed in with formal wear (as if the invite stated, “come as you are”)…. 

Nonetheless, I love to feel and look  comfortable when I’m super cute (wink*wink). You know when he says, “you’re the most beautiful with no make up and chilling in your lounge wear”??? Take that sh%t to the head and own it! 

Today’s bare essentials: Gray like-sweatpants, graphic crop top, long sleeve button-down to tie around my waist and a pair of flat sandals to complete the mood. 

Outfit Details:

Gray Pants ~ Zara Basics

Top ~ Zola

Plaid Shirt ~ Ralph Lauren 

Sandals ~ Zara

Thank you for stopping by The Goldan Report!

See you on the next blog post…


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