Issa Bra… Made to be seen… 

I can hear my grandmother now, “are you going to button up your shirt? Well, if I had your body I’d be showing it off, too, and catch myself a ball player”. And I usually reply with “no, grandma (as I’m dying in laughter). Not trying to catch a ball player I’m just showing off my cute ass bra”

Because sexy bras deserve to be more than just a bra… right?!!

With so many different ways to wear a bra in public, I particularly love a look that doesn’t bare it all at once by pairing it with a high-waisted pant, an open top or jacket to give it more of a timeless feel – such as this Agent Provocateur piece made to be seen. The detailing of the bra is emaculate – providing the perfect cleavage with keyhole cut-outs, straps and french lace to line the edges. Revealing but not too revealing. Just enough to bring my sexy back in a classic Goldan style… And, listen to my grandmother talk about what she would do if she still had breast such as mine. 

Outfit Details:

Acid Wash Top ~ Dirty Dancing (thrifted)

Bra ~ Agent Provocateur

Culottes Pants ~ Zara

Fringe/Tassel Sandals ~ Sheikh Shoes

Thank you for stopping by The Goldan Report!

See you on the next blog post…



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